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Finance is the area that deals with investments, and understanding the levels of risk involved. In short, finance is money management. We all have to deal with money management to a certain extent, simply in order to survive, but not all of us are Wolves of Wall Street and many of us are simply scraping by, the car, the new pair of shoes or the dream holiday tantalizingly out of reach.At Banking Investment we want to show you that attaining to a good lifestyle is not only for the rich. With correct money management, saving and investments, it is possible to achieve some of those money goals we all desire.Investing money comes with risks and can be daunting to the newcomer. With this in mind we will provide useful tips on how and where to invest, what makes good investments and how to avoid scams. Money management is also an important part of this, so we will also show you, our readers, how to create and stick to budgets, making that dream holiday become a reality. For most of you this is an area of personal finance, and as such we will also discuss how to protect yourself from unforeseen events, issues around transfer of wealth such as inheritance, and also tax policies. In addition the impact of debt on an individual will be discussed, as well as long term planning for large financial purchases such as a house or education. The final and most important aim of this page is to help you to achieve a secure financial basis that allows a relatively stable economic environment regardless of the level of income you have.Our easy guides and helpful hints and tips will, we hope, prepare you well in this time of unstable economies.